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Brief information

Golden ELD story

The company was born in 2019 and has grown from a small group of people into a vast system where each employee does his job with high quality and goes up hard! Our mission is to makethe truckers life on the road comfortable and easy! And a big friendly team is working on developing and creating multifunctional GoldenELD products and features! We are grateful for your trust!


Why GoldenELD ?

The main goal of GoldenELD is to create a long-term partnership with every client. We develop new products and improve those of our products that are well-known on the market.

ELD Compliance

Main Features

Automatic HOS

Automatic hours of service calculation and violation alerts. Automatic recording of driving time, miles and locations.

DOT Inspection Mode

Simply show logs on your phone or tablet. No printer needed.

Multiple HOS Rules

Compliant with multiple HOS rules including Property/Passenger 60 -hour/7-day & 70-hour/8-day

Electronic DVIR

Vehicle inspection reports are created and submitted in seconds

Compliance Monitoring

Monitor your drivers’ hours of service logs and DVIRs. Receive alerts to prevent violations.

Fleet Tracking

Track your vehicles in real time and view their location history.

IFTA reporting

Automatic IFTA state mileage reporting saves you time and money.

Access Permissions

Manage permissions for fleet managers, compliance officers, drivers, accountants, brokers and customers

ELD Compliance

ELD Components

FMCSA Certified

Our ELD hardware and accompaniying software were builtfoolowing FMCSA regulations, to help you ensure that your entire fleet is compliant.

Logging Device

Simply plug Electronic Logging Device into a vehicle ECM port and start recording driving hours and miles automatically.

Logbook App

Logbook app connects to Electronic Logging Device via bluetooth and displays recorded driving time to a driver.

Tablet / Smartphone

ELD & App work great with most tablets and smartphones. Use your own or purchase devices and data plans from us.

HOS Rules

Driving with ELD

Once ELD connected, your driving time will be captured automatically

Once your vehicle is moving at 5 mph or more, your duty status is switched to Driving

Your logs and others features are not available while in Driving mode due to safety reasons

Once your vehicle is stopped, you may change your duty status by tapping on the status circle. The app will remind you to make abr selection in 5 minutes. If no selectio is made, your duty status will be switched to On Duty.


Available driving hours, required breaks, on-duty limits and required off-duty time are calculated automatically


Visual notifications and sound warnings help you to avoid hours of service violations and stay compliant

Duty Status

Set duty status with just two-clicks. Status is updated automatically when driving starts or stops, Easy- to-use interface allows drivers to spend less time doing paperwork and more time driving. ELD simplifies training and prevents log errors.

Current Status

Current duty status is always displayed on Status page inside of status circle along with available or reset hours. Current Status

Change Status

Tap the status circle, select your current status, add a note if necessary (i.e. pre-trip inspection) and press “Update” button.


Personal Use Off-duty and Yard Move On-Duty statuses must be configured and allowed by a fleet manager.


Managing Logs

Today’s Log

Tap on TODAY’s log to view & manage your current log.


Tap on a specific status in the events section to view location and notes.

Logs History

View past logs & violations if any. Tap on a log you would like to view or edit.

Edit/Insert Status

Press on “Pencil” to edit or “+” to insert a past duty status.

Graph Grid

Similar to paper logs, view your hours or service on the graph grid.

Certify Log

Tap “Certify” and sign your log when your shift ends.


Managing DVIRs


Tap “+” to add pre-trip or post-trip inspection report.

Review last DVIR

Tap on DVIR to review and to confirm the issues have been resolved.


Select defects (if any) from the list and sign DVIR.

DVIRs History

Review past DVIRs to prevents compliance errors.

Correct Defects

Notify mechanic if defects need to be corrected.


Tap “…” button to edit DVIR and to fix any errors.


Compliance Dashboard

Current Status

View currents statuses and locations of your drivers. Click on a driver to see details.


Monitor violations in real time and mitigate compliance risks.

Real-time Hours

View real-time hours to avoid violations and regulatory fines.

A comprehensive ELD solution

Golden ELD provides your team with a full toolkit of functionality to make it simple to track and manage your entire fleet.

HOS Logs

Vehicle Inspections

IFTA Calculations

GPS Tracking

Trip & Route Playback

Driver App on Android & IOS

App review

Inspection Mode

Tap DOT Inspection in the menu & press Start Inspection Let an officer to view your logs directly from your mobile device Show this instruction card if requested.

An inspector may press arrows to view previous or next days logs

An inspector may view the log form, the log graph and the log events with notes

Exit the inspection mode by pressing back arrow in the left top corner of the app

Sending Logs

GoldenELD is capable of producing and transferring the ELD records via s transfer methods: Wireless Web services and Email
In order to send the ELD records via Web services driver must press DOT Inspection menu item and then press Send Logs button. In order to send the ELD records via Email a driver must press DOT Inspection menu item press Email Logs enter an email provided by an authorized and press Send button


GoldenELD Malfunction Manual

Malfunction indication

Immediately contact the support if LED light on the device is off when the device is plugged into the diagnostic port or if the malfunction reported by the app.

Note the malfunction

Note the malfunction and provide a written notice to your fleet within 24 hours.

Switch to paper logs

Keep a paper log for that day and until the device is repaired or replaced. In the event of an inspection, display the previous 7 days from the app.

8 days rule

In the event of an ELD malfunction, the motor carrier must take actions to correct the malfunction within 8 days of discovery.

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